About VOIN

Villages of India Network Pvt. Ltd. (herein after called “VOIN”) is a social enterprise that is facilitating internet connectivity services to connect many under-served villages using the low-cost wireless network. We have adopted community based approach providing services on the basis of users’ demand and need with qualitative customer-care service. We are facilitating customized internet service plans to wide range of users from single users, business enterprises, micro, small and medium enterprises, institutions, etc. on the basis of their needs. Customers have opportunity to choose basis bandwidth of 512 KBPs or plans providing higher speed services with bandwidth of 1, 2 , 4 MBPs or much higher speeds. All of our networks are supported 24×7 by experienced VOIN team members, who have been trained professionally and certified by us. We facilitate wireless set-up and management training programmes, digital literacy programmes and other entrepreneurship programmes to create local entrepreneurs.